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Stars of Lake Como


What links films such as "What a beautiful day", "The shadow of suspicion", "Star Wars", "Ocean's Twelve" and Lake Como? Maybe not everyone knows it but they were also filmed in Como.

Promoted by the Chamber of Commerce of Como in collaboration with the Province of Como, the guide "The stars of Lake Como" aims to be an orientation compass to be able to easily find and visit the villas, parks and panoramas immortalized by the camera and deepen the link between cinema, its protagonists and Lake Como.

The guide offers a selection of Italian and foreign films, presenting with practical and intuitive cards, the itineraries of the places where the sets were set up, without missing anecdotes and curiosities.

Download the guide here

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Como city of silk


Since the turn of the century, Como has been the centre of Italy's silk industry; to this day, silk in Como is still spun and printed using traditional craftsmanship. This town is undoubtedly the best place in Italy to shop for silk; with its fine designer goods like ties and scarves at very favorable prices. Don't miss a visit to the Silk Museum and the Ratti Fondation: both of which offer a precious collection of traditional textile machines, objects, samples and tools from textile processes that made Como the city of silk.

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Golf on Lake Como


The Hotel Centrale is located near the 7 renowned golf courses of the Como area. Discounted rates are available for guests of the Hotel Centrale. Contact us for more information.

 VILLA D'ESTE (Montorfano) 

 MONTICELLO (Cassina Rizzardi) 

 LA PINETINA (Appiano Gentile) 

 MENAGGIO & CADENABBIA (Grandola ed Uniti) 

 LECCO (Annone Brianza) 


 LANZO (Piano delle Noci, Lanzo Intelvi) 


Golf sector internet sites

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Shopping in Como and surroundings


Como and its surrounding territory offer a variety of high quality boutiques and shopping centres. Whether it's a stroll through the old part of town amongst designer shops where traditional techniques are still used for weaving silk, visitors will not be disappointed. Shoppaholics cannot miss the chance to visit the Armani Outlet situated in Vertemate as well as the Fox Town outlet situated in the nearby Swiss town of  Mendrisio with more than 160 shops and 250 designer brands.

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Culture and art in Lake Como


For culture lovers, Villa Olmo is highly recommended; set in a flourishing garden overlooking the lake, this villa has hosted international art exhibitions and conferences since 1925. Villa Erba located in Cernobbio is another must; home of international conventions, concerts and events; an architectural work of art that will not cease to impress visitors.

The city's local theatre "Teatro Sociale di Como" offers the public a wide range of dance, music and drama performances. One of Como's most important landmarks is the Roman pantheon inspired temple "Tempio Voltiano"; a neoclassical monument entirely dedicated to Alessandro Volta, the Italian inventor of the electric battery. Visitors cannot miss Como's astonishing Duomo, the last Gothic cathedral built in Italy; its works commenced in 1396 and ended in 1770.

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Sport and leisure in Como


As one of the most popular lakes in Italy, Lake Como is filled with all kinds of adventure sports and outdoor activities– on the water, on land and in the air.

So unless you’re visiting the Lake for total relaxation or sightseeing, here are some of the most popular adventure sports and activities available on Lake Como: water sports such as sailing at the Yacht Club Sailing School Como, water skiing, windsurfing and canoeing.

For those who love the sun, beach and swimming, we recommend the Lido of Cernobbio with a swimming pool  and the lido of Como located within two magnificent villas: Villa Olmo and Villa Geno.  You can find also free beaches up to the lake. Lake Como is nestled between green valleys and mountains of over two thousand meters in altitude; surrounding the lake are miles of hiking and nature trails that wind through villages, forests and along the many beaches. The best way to discover and enjoy this heritage and natural landscape is to follow these trails either on foot, with a mountain bike or on horseback.

For families travelling with small children, we suggest a trip to Swissminiatur located on the shores of Lake Lugano in Switzerland with over 120 scale models representing Switzerland's heritage including the nation's most famous buildings, monuments and means of transport.

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History of Cernobbio


Cernobbio stretches from the slopes of Mount Bisbino to the west lakeshore, few kilometres away from Como, along the old Via Regina (now State Road 340) and is one of the most charming tourist resorts on lake Como.

The first information about the town dates back to the 12th century. Traces of the medieval castrum are left in the urban system, which surrounds Piazza Castello: the tower of the fortress remained standing until the 17th century. Thanks to fishery, Cernobbio was so rich and wealthy in the Middle Ages that the hamlet was the residence of the Podestà and had an independent legislation. By the 16th century Cernobbio was very impoverished because of different wars and raids. This period also saw the beginning of the migrations of the inhabitants of the Lario.

In the 19th century, Cernobbio developed a real talent for luxury building and tourism, becoming one of the favourite resorts, famous in the world for the beautiful Villa D'Este Grand Hotel. The economy recovered and the town became a prestigious resort. A system of defensive works was built in 1916, during the First World War. Most of it stretched up on Mount Bisbino and was used again in 1940, during the Second World War. The Parish church stands in the old hamlet, while the church of the Redentore was built in the centre of the town between 1904 and 1924 and then consecrated in 1935. On the old Strada Regina, which crosses the town, there is Casa Cattaneo, one of the most famous examples of the Italian rationalistic architecture, built by architect Cesare Cattaneo in 1938- 1939.

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Excursions Lake Como and surroundings


Among the most popular excursions you cannot miss a stop in Bellagio, considered the Pearl of Lake Como with its narrow alleys, gardens, quaint shops, villas and breathtaking landscapes or Brunate, reachable via the characteristic early 20th century funicular where you can admire the splendor of the lake from above.

A boat tour through the lake navigation will allow you to reach some hidden places such as ancient villas and centuries-old gardens, some of which can be visited:

Finally, nearby Switzerland and the enclave of Campione d'Italia, just a few minutes from the Italian border with its Lake Lugano, its casinos and the famous Fox Town Outlet in Mendrisio.

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New Year's Eve at the Teatro Sociale in Como


An exciting last of the year at the theater!

"Swan lake" ballet and gala dinner on the Sociale stage waiting for the midnight toast.

New Year's Eve at the Teatro Sociale in Como, a magical and romantic date in one of the most fascinating theaters in Italy. An absolute ballet classic, Swan Lake, followed by a gala dinner in an exclusive location: the stage of the Theatre, on Saturday 31 December from 18:00.


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